Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Been awhile

Sorry it's been awhile since I posted again.... I think it's only you Aunt Mar out there reading now. I know my Aunt Lorriane was reading but is now not.

I just don't know how much time I can commit to the blog right now.

Everyone is doing great. Hayden is LOVING school this year. I don't know what changed but he's really into it. Jax started real preschool too and has fun and is meeting new friends.

Tim is good and still work, from home most weeks but working none the less.

I'm great! Work is good, photography has exploded!! I'm so busy right now with it.

We're heading to Diamond Nationals again for Hayden's karate... wish him luck!

Friday, July 1, 2011

What we've been up to . . .

Camping with 7 other families out in the wild.... well without power or running water but there was an outhouse within 15 feet :)

Sprinkler time in the back yardplaying in the boxes from our new patio set :)
Getting the BEST frozen custard ever on a warm summer day
the end of soccer season and maybe for good.
visiting the state capital and learning a bit about our 16th president
summer programs at the library
The boys doing so practice writing... gotta keep those brains from getting mushy
Hitting the splash pad with some friends
having civil war battles in the living room
eating cupcakes around a campfire.

and it's only July 1st :) can't wait to see what we do this weekend!

Friday, June 3, 2011

good out of bad

Just a day at the park.... it was supposed to be a day at the zoo, but when we went to leave we realize the fuel hose was cut and spilling $4.25/gal gas all over our driveway :O
$300 later we come to find out that squirrels chewed through the line! Man we were pissed!

But as you can see we made the best of a bad situation and took our picnic lunch to the park .

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring Tournament

Hayden had tournament yesterday and he did SO good!! We are so proud of his focus and drive yesterday. He really impressed us.
Here he is sparring, not his strongest event but he won 2 out of 3 matches, He's on the right in both pictures.

Hayden performing his form. I love this event. So fluid and powerful. He placed a very very close second to his friend Chris.

Self-Defense was fun this year.... he actually started flipping people. :) It was a lot of fun to watch. He placed third here but still did excellent!
One proud family!! We were so happy that Nana, Gram, Aunt Nancy, & Bre came out to watch as well. :D Thanks everyone!

Jaxson's fieldtrip

His class took a small field trip to a local petting zoo... it was a miserable day. He had to wear raincoats and we should of brought mittens. Brrr.
Here his is with two of his friends. Grace who just seems to love Jax... they held hands most of the trip.
And Xavier is another buddy of his. School was just the right thing for him this year. He had lots of fun and even learned a bit. I can't wait till next year for 3 year old preschool!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Come one come all to the big top!!

There was a small circus in town last weekend so we decided to take in the show.
It was small, much smaller than Ringling Bros but it was still nice and the kids still got a huge kick out of seeing the action. Jaxson loved the elephants and kept asking when the jugglers were coming out and Hayden loved the death defying motorcycles in the cage and the tightrope walker.
It was a really fun night with friends :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Our BROWN BELT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As you can see Hayden passed his belt exam this past Saturday!!! We were so proud of him! He got out there and did his best and put forth effort we rarely see in class. He was even proactive in sparring instead of just blocking and bouncing as he normally does. He earned this belt, every inch of it!
Now we are only a year and a half away from black... or I should say Hayden is, but it is us and my father, who drive him there and sit on those benches and take him to exams, or camps, and tournament... so in a way it's still "we." We will have all earned it, Hayden will just have sweat the most :)
It will take him 5 month to get to single brown/black, then another 4 months to double brown/black and then it depends on him and where we are in the black belt candidate program progress as to how long after that. Hard to think he will be 10 when this all happens. That is still so young.
Just know that when he does achieve his black belt, we are having the party of all parties!!!! :D

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Easter Bunny visited a little early this year :) Our friends had a egg hunt and brunch last weekend where the Bunny put in an early visit in his busy schedule :) The kids all had a great time as well as the parents!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It's been awhile since I was able to see Hayden spar at karate so I took along my camera to capture a few snaps. He is so determined but also still so afraid... he's gotten really good at blocking and bouncing on his toes like a boxer but I only saw him throw 3 or 4 punches and kicks in 5 rounds. I thought with me as his mother he might be more assertive :D LOL
Hayden tests for his BROWN belt at the end of April....from there it will be a long road. The classes get MUCH harder and longer in between belts. He will really be tested in his drive and focus to reach black.
Tournament is also around the corner... last few tournaments he's come home with a total of 6 trophies so I know he will do well but he needs to up his practice time if he wants to repeat. The higher you go the harder it becomes...
I will be proud of him either way :D

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

miscellaneous photos

So much going on again but trying to stick to my promise of a post a week(ish) here are some recent snaps of the kids.
Jaxson has taken to masks, costumes, lightsabers, dart guns, and swords.... like any normal boy would. :) He loves raiding his brothers room, cause that's where all the cool toys are. LOL!

Hayden per normal is playing his video games... on our new couches. :) He's figured out how to "nest" himself into the couch. He's loving the recliner part of them too... for that matter so are Tim and I. It's very hard not to fall asleep with your feet propped up all cozy. :)

and Jax again taking right along with the rest of us... that is him on his "laptop" with his "phone" in the other sucking on a lolipop. Don't know where he gets it. ((rolling eyes))

That is all for now... time to get something together before I head off to work. Karate tonight and laundry. Never ends I tell ya!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A picture from a Valentine's Dance I photographed. It was a lot of fun and I was very popular this year... and I even charged! It is always good experience and practice. My father comes and helps out from the other side of the camera, so it makes is a fun evening!

This year I took Hayden with because the dance looked so fun last year that I just knew he would have a blast! And he did! He danced like a crazy man and ran around with the few kids he knew. Tim brought Jax over after he got home from work and even the wee man got in on the dancing action! All Tim had to do was hold his hand and off he went. Tim described it perfectly, "like an old Tom and Jerry cartoon where the feet are moving and the body is still." It was fun to watch :)

Again I've been busy with photos. I'm trying to only take 4-5 shoots a month so I still have time for myself and my family. It's hard saying no sometimes. But I want to still love it and not think of it as an obligation.

So that is my share... a picture of my reasons for being. The loves of my life.... the kings in my castle... well king and princes :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What a week!

Jaxson once again ended up at the doctors office... ear infection this time. Even the doctor looked at us and asked, "again?" Yup! We missed him :) So for the week of his birthday he sat in the house, miserable, and I worked out ways to get what I needed done for his party while confined to the house. Cleaning no problem but grocery shopping... not happening. So I found a 24 hour store and shopped at 9pm after work one night. Not ideal but it got the job done.
By Fri he was better but still cranky.. We went to Red Robin for dinner. (he wanted a song and a balloon) and then a game of bowling at Pinstripes. He cheered up by bowling.

The day of his party was also Hayden's belt test for karate, I didn't plan that well did I? Hayden achieved his Red W/Brown stripe belt with flying colors!!! We are very very proud of him!!!
Jaxson had a great time at his birthday!

And we had a RECORD blizzard on Tuesday into Wednesday this past week. 20.2 inches!!! It was so windy it was ratteling the windows on the back of the house. We have 4 foot snow drifts all around the house and you still can't see the front porch and now today we have -6° with -20°wind chills. Which means no work or school for 2 days and 2 children who are very sick of being in this house with a now, thanks to Jax, a sick Mommy.

Looking out our front window... yes, drifts were that high!Jaxson standing on our front porch... his head is as high as the doorbell...
Hayden wading through the drifts at the end of the driveway... he's 4'6" so you can see how deep those are.

As I said it's been a week.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Since it's been awhile

since I posted any real photos of the kids. Here is their photo with Santa this year. Yes Jaxson has stitches in his eyebrow... like I said before it's been a busy few months :)

I think both the boys were pleased with Santa this year. Jaxson asked for a choo-choo and Hayden asked for some special Nerf gun, kinda like that scene from The Christmas Story, "I want a Red Rider Bee bee gun..."

Santa delivered as always :)

Friday, January 14, 2011


So I'm keeping my promise a few days late... but if you bare with me a moment you will understand why.
Lets see... spent most of New Years Day in the ER with Jaxson. Saw the whole Rose Parade. He had been sick a few days earlier and had been fine 2 days up to the New Year but we quickly realized at 5am New Years Day that he wasn't. He was vomiting, again and had not had a wet diaper in almost 24 hours. So since doctor offices are not open on New Years and waking the oncall at 5am just to have them tell me to take him to the ER...we just went. He was treated for dehydration, given an IV, a Popsicle, and an x-ray to check for obstructions and we went home about 6 hours later. He was such a trooper.

Then a few days later he started complaining his thumb hurt. Long story we thought he broke it but took him to the doctor and turns out it was infected from biting it. Popped and bandaged he returned home no worse for wear.

Then Hayden wanted a turn at the doctors'. We had some serious concerns but all ended up to be no big deal and just a lack of control on his part..

So... as you can see we've been busy with our doctor. I do not want to see the doctor again for at least 3 weeks; till Jaxson's 3 year visit. :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Year Resolution

I am hoping to get this blog back up and running after the first of the year, even if it's just a post a week.
My hobby took me to a new level this holiday season. I traveled all over the NW IL for sessions this fall. I think I have grown as a hobby photographer and truly given people some good sittings.

So that is when I hope for you all to expect me again if anyone is still out there looking. :)

See ya in 2011!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


well with school starting and birthdays and Labor Day weekend and more photoshoots than I am used to... I did it again.

I have all these pictures and stories to tell you but it seems I'm spending my time, running to and from schools, editing photos, and working more hours than before.

I will get here, I promise! Just give me a few days.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Splash pad

They boys hanging out in the summer sun keeping cool!
Hayden and his friend Cody being goofballs.... and Jaxson going after Cody with some water.

GG turns 95!

we all went out to GG's house this year to help her celebrate her 95th birthday!! can you believe it? Think of all the things she's seen.... indoor plumbing, the lightbulb, invention of TV, you name it and she's probably been around for it :D We had an outdoor picnic lunch.

The boys loved playing on the stairs since no one around home has any. They rolled those trucks down them for about and hour.

Uncle Tom blowing bubbles with Jax

Jax took it upon himself to water all of GG's flowers and weeds in the yard. Ya know gotta keep them pretty.
The birthday girl herself!

GG and her boys :) Hayden is already way taller than her and Jax isn't far behind